How can I know the time and the hour and the man?

Sun Myung Moon
Question and Answer Recorded
April 1965
Recorded by Marjorie Hill
Source: 1966-07-00 New Age Frontiers

In April 1965, a seeker asked, “How can I know the time and the hour and the man?”

Mr. Moon replied,

“By knowing the truth, Christ’s coming will affect the individual, family, nation, world. To join in his work at the end is not much to your credit. If you find him early when the world keeps saying no, no, no, you are really among the blessed. If you find him when your family says no, you are really blessed. It is better to follow early or you will regret later not having done so.”

“There are two types of people – those who have a big empty basket and ask, “Give me some of your blessings.” These are the recipients.”

“But in the Divine Principle we don’t want only receivers. The most blessed is the one who gives. Don’t you want to be the kind of person who gives out?”

“When you belong to the very central nucleus of the Principle, God gives you the blessing through which all nations will be blessed. Do not just idly wait with a small basket. Go! Earn the blessing. Give out. Be close to God, so through you God can give out His blessing.”

“The motto of the Divine Principle is blood for heaven, sweat for the earth, tears for mankind. When you are discouraged, feel your pulse. If your heart is still pumping you are still alive and cannot say, “I give up.” When you teach and the person turns away, feel your hand. If your bones are still in place you have not done enough for God. To win a spiritual child, you must be ready to give three times more effort than a physical mother gives to her child to bring it up. Recreating is more difficult than creating. “