San Francisco, California Holy Ground Established

San Francisco, California
Twin Peaks
February 15, 1965
Holy Ground Location

True Father visited Twin Peaks the night of February 14th and offered a prayer. Testimony of Mary Fleming was as follows from 1965-02-15 New Age Frontiers

The occasion was the selection of the holy ground site. It was a calm, clear night with the bright full moon and the lights of San Francisco twinkling below us. Our Master stood on a rock on the top of the hill with representatives of his American Family grouped around him. Facing East, and the nation of the United States as well as the continent of North America, he prayed. I opened my eyes and raise my head to look at him, feeling a little guilty as I did so. As I watched the light of his aura grew ever brighter and wider, until it encompassed all of us who were with him. Then the white gold light went up from him and was met by the same lights coming down from the heavens. It was as if we were all bathed in a giant spotlight from directly over our heads, centering upon our Master. I had never seen anything like this before, and wasn’t quite sure I believe it. To test my own eyesight I close my eyes several times for varying periods, and then reopened them to see if the light was still there. It was. It slowly faded after the conclusion of his prayer.

 February 15, 1965 – Day at Holy Ground
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