Let Us Accomplish Our Mission in Our Lifetime

Let Us Accomplish Our Mission in Our Lifetime

Sun Myung Moon
May 1, 2001

Translated from the original Korean transcript of Father’s words to assembled leaders at the victory celebration for the fifty-state speaking tour of the United States, at East Garden.

What is this place? What are we here for? [To celebrate your victory!] Who has accomplished this victory? [You have.] But you have to understand that my heart is too burdened to enjoy my victory. When people work very hard on something, naturally their position rises and it is very easy for them to forget the ground they are standing on. Let me warn you: People do not fail or make fatal mistakes when they are being persecuted from outside. People fail when they rise up high and forget their original foundation. Do you understand? You have to always remember and keep your own foundation, no matter what. That should be the conclusion of this entire meeting today.

It is nice to have blessings, excitement and so forth. But if you are too excited to remember your foundation and to stand on your own feet, then it will be the end of you. Do you understand? I believe that I have done all that I can do for the United States. I have crossed through the pass. I have fulfilled my responsibility for America. I have completed God’s Coronation Ceremony. I also have finished educating leaders of American society, especially national religious and political leaders. I am not just referring to what I have done on this occasion but in previous times as well. In order to harvest the results of all I had invested, I began the speaking tour of all fifty states. You have no idea how hard God had to work to prepare all that. I know that our members also did a lot, but you worked in your limited surroundings. The spiritual world went beyond boundaries, even national ones, to make this a success.

Centering on the United States, with support from several other nations, we have been able to successfully complete this speaking tour. But you should not forget the fact that in the spiritual world thousands of people, regardless of nationality, helped the Unification Church. Do you realize that? That is why we need to remember that we owe much to all the people in the spiritual world, and therefore we should make a new determination to pay back our debts. Do you understand? [Yes.] Moreover, the national messiahs here, the executive members of the Unification Church organization and missionaries from abroad all worked on the front line.

However, our effort shouldn’t lose energy simply because these events have come to an end. The question is how we define this age, looking back at the past thousands of years of history. You need to clearly understand how long and tedious a history God had to endure and that we are on the verge of bringing about settlement. This is the beginning.

You have to understand that the Unification Church has not been able to go beyond national boundaries and the worldwide boundary. I know this very well. Do you? How long has the course of humanity’s salvation taken? Six thousand years? No. Millions of years. You have to remember this. For all those years, God alone has had to endure everything in order to recover that lost family of Adam’s. No one knew. Opposing God’s providence, Satan destroyed humanity, pulling people apart, paralyzing their spirits and in the end making them vegetables. What did Satan make out of humanity? [Vegetables.] Satan has destroyed humanity.

Even God cannot recover problematic areas of this abandoned world. What should our Unification Church do about it? As a True Parent, how shall I fix the satanic environments in the spiritual world and the physical world that have inherited Satan’s blood lineage? That has been the major question I have been asking myself. I came as the True Father, as the one responsible for this world. Because of me, things should be different from previously when, throughout history, God had to work alone. Since Adam failed in his generation, I had the task of accomplishing my mission in my own generation. Can you imagine what I was up against? You have no idea. As a man who understood the providence so well and who stood as the representative for God’s will, I knew beyond a doubt. But I do not want to talk about this right now. I do not want to talk about it. Because I clearly knew that no matter how miserable a position I was in, God was always in a more pitiful position… I always feel, before God, that I am an undutiful son who, out of shame, cannot even raise his head before his Parents. Because I know so well how shameful humanity has been in front of God, I do not dare to talk about how hard things have been for me. Do you understand?

Jesus lost his body on earth… His body was lost. Likewise, many Christian leaders’ bodies were sacrificed on earth. Without a foundation for his physical body, Jesus went to the spiritual world and had to endure years and years of bloody, sweat-drenched effort to prepare for the Christian culture to win victory.

The United States can be the United States today because God has made a foundation for the nation. The success of the United States cannot be attributed only to its people. God’s foundation was supposed to emerge after World War II….

Without unity between Cain and Abel, there is no place for their mother. That is why without the unity between Catholicism and Protestantism, the Holy Spirit cannot help humanity. So if even one line in the Bible had said that the Second Coming would come as a man with a physical body, all the saints and sages and God would not have suffered as much. It is just so sad that the historical figures on God’s side did not know how serious their positions were and did not reveal God’s providence more accurately….

Catholicism and Protestantism have been divided and so have all the religions that fought against one another. The Second Coming must solve these problems of division and struggle. Christianity has opposed me and made things more difficult, but I cannot abandon Christianity, since I know their background and I know that I am the one to bring Christians to the right point….

From the Principle viewpoint, we do not need the Christian churches. We did not need the Holy Spirit Association.

We could have initiated this movement without mentioning one word about God when the Soviet Union existed. If, rather than “Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity,” we could have used the name “Family Federation” from that time, it would have made our work a lot easier, I know. However, due to the failures of the first and the second Israels-that is, the failures of the Old Testament and the New Testament Ages-I could not immediately initiate the Completed Testament Age. So I had to do it the way I did, knowing that it would block our movement and give people more reasons to persecute us in so many ways. It was inevitable. It was our destined course….

Even if one fails on the family level, if one then wins on the national level, one can naturally have success on the family level. That is how things work. The Second Coming has to restore the failures of the first Israel and of the second Israel. Otherwise, humanity cannot return to the original world….

The Second Advent must take responsibility for the providence, clear up the past and find the right path for humanity to return to God. The entire earthly foundation to bring unity between the spiritual world and the physical world was completed after World War II. But soon I had to face the fact that all the victorious foundations made by the heavenly side-unity with the United Kingdom as the Eve nation, with the United States as the eldest son nation, and with France as the archangel nation-were completely lost because of Christian opposition toward me. I was devastated and lost.

The Koreans who led the independence movement against Japanese colonialism tried to reestablish the nation of Korea, but Christians had no idea about establishing a nation based on Christianity at that time. They had no sense of direction. Korea as a nation does not matter so much. It matters when it is connected to God’s providence. Korean Christians did not even think about establishing a heavenly nation on the Korean peninsula. The Soviets were in Korea only to further their national interests, as were China, America and Japan. They were only concerned about their national interests; it had nothing to do with God’s will. That was how and why Christianity sank down in Korea. The problem is that people are always driven by external things; but I was in the position to solve problems from the most internal point of view. Catholics and Protestant Christians opposed me-Christians themselves were divided among so many sects and denominations and the Unification Church lost its direction in the middle of it all. I had no place to stand. So all the foundations made for God’s will were entirely destroyed.

The most serious problem was the Ewha scandal. If I had established my foundation centering on the college campuses, I would have easily led the Christians. It would not have been a problem. There were three women opposing me with support from the Korean government. Maria Park, Francesca Rhee and Helen Kim. It was historic. The whole scandal was historic.

So all those foundations made by the heavenly side were lost and I was driven away. In such a difficult situation, I had to solve all the problems of humanity during my lifetime on earth. Do you understand? Not in the tens of generations after me, but in my lifetime. Since Adam could not succeed in his lifetime, I had to indemnify all of human history and bring victory in my own lifetime. You have no idea how suffocated I felt at that time. Please think about that.

There was nobody I could reach out to for help. There was only God. Even God was not in a position to help me. I had to comfort Him instead. God could not help me. If He had helped me, would Satan have kept quiet? Since I lost the entire Christian foundation because Christians and Jews had not fulfilled their responsibility, I alone had to build the new foundation from the bottom, for forty years…forty years centering on Mother. Our couple had to restore all the mistakes of Adam’s family and the four thousand years of the prolonged history of restoration during forty years of our lives….

We had long roads to walk, rivers and oceans to cross. We had incredible obstacles to break through. We had to solve all the problems for ourselves. That is why we needed to set up conditions of indemnity. Representing the entire world, we had to set up the offering table by ourselves and fight against Satan. Satan opposed our offerings; and God could not accept our offerings regardless of His desire. Without God’s help, I alone had to set up the victorious foundation for God to come down to earth and claim His right of ownership. Our church members must understand this point clearly. Unification Church leaders do not understand that we have to sanctify all of history on the altar of the Total Living Offering.

At this time, you need to make the Total Living Offering… You, rascals! Do you think I set this up as some kind of memorial day title? We are changing the destiny of human history. None of you really understands its seriousness. So I have set up conditions on your behalf to liberate God. Korea alone is not enough of a condition or foundation. The mission of the third Israel is to build the providential foundation of having embraced and absorbed the United States. That is why I had to come to the United States and build a foundation over the past thirty years or so. Jesus could not digest Rome in his lifetime. He died when he was thirty-four [sic]. That is why I had to make the foundation in the United States in thirty-four years.

I had to set up the indemnity condition of having influenced the American Christian churches and even the United Nations. Otherwise, there is no way I could move the spiritual world. I had to clear up not only the physical world but also the spiritual world. You have no idea of the internal reasons for what I do. That is why you can be so lazy. Even after thousands of years, the realm of unity between the spiritual world and the physical world cannot be built without going through the indemnity process.

The reason Mr. Lee Sang-hun went to the spiritual world is that he had the mission to teach about all these points, internally and externally. I sent him there to educate you….

During the entire fifty-state speaking tour, I let Mother accompany me. One of the top leaders said, “Isn’t the schedule too long and tough for you? Couldn’t you make it shorter for the sake of your health?” The fact is, once I’d left the people I spoke to in each city, I would never see them again during my lifetime on earth. So I needed to at least set up the condition for them of taking the responsibility of answering all their questions. That way, they cannot accuse me of having left them without giving them the right answers. It was a very serious situation….

The Unification blessed family members cannot just be indebted to me like this. Since I have cleared up everything and broken down the barriers throughout the entire world, you can be independent of me. You will not be persecuted as you were before.

If anyone persecutes you, that very persecution will authorize and qualify you to have owner’s rights over the heavenly realm. There will be no more indemnity for you. What matters from now on is how much sweat and blood you pour into saving your own tribe and nation and how fast and hard you work by sacrificing your own family to do so. I have prepared a car for you, paved the roads and taught you how to drive. All you need to do now is to fill up the gas tank and step on the accelerator. Those of you who cannot even do that do not deserve to live in this world. You will only be a hindrance to the providence. Don’t you agree?

When autumn comes, those farmers who have taken good care of their crops cannot wait for the harvest time. But those farmers who wasted their time playing and drinking do not dare to look at their fields. They do not dare to raise their heads. While nature has prepared to offer its fruit for the year, they have not done anything to deserve it. Without preparing any food for themselves, what are they going to do during Chusok and the Lunar New Year in front of their parents and ancestors? What do you think? You should be ashamed of yourselves if you are indebted to someone. Do you understand?

You ought to follow me even at the risk of your lives. I have come to the point where I could hold God’s Coronation Ceremony by having gone through the total indemnification process. I have traversed the passes of hardships and privations. You have no idea what I had gone through to hold the Coronation Ceremony. Who would have known that all my efforts would bear fruit with God’s Coronation Ceremony? What matters the most is maintaining purity in the lineage.

Next is the matter of discrimination, men against women and women against men. Did Adam and Eve go to school? Were they supposed to inherit everything through college degrees or through becoming God’s sons and daughters? You must know that they could only receive this inheritance through the connection of blood lineage….

We have to finish all of our missions in our lifetimes. You have about ten years left, only ten years. You have to find your own nation. You have to think about it seriously. I alone made it possible for us to hold God’s Coronation Ceremony after having gone over all the passes of history. It was really like a dream come true. I could not have done it if I had one shred of attachment to my own life. My life may conclude as the life of a sinful and undutiful son or as the life of a loyal patriot for God’s nation. Either way, I have to harvest the fruit of all my work in my lifetime.

So, you can imagine how busy I must have been. The Unification Church has been going up from 1997. We all have to cross over the pass within three years’ time. I have been very busy. You had no idea, right? You may think your daily life will continue to be as it is today. But that will surely not be the case. Do you understand what I am talking about? We have to bear fruit in our own lifetime. We are in the same boat. You have to conclude your life’s mission within your own lifetime. By the time I am ninety two-eighty plus twelve is ninety two-so by twelve years from the time I was eighty, I have to finish our work. I cannot be certain that I will still be around in this world until then, but I am hoping so. I have to finish our work while I am still breathing in this world. Do you understand? [Yes.]…

You have to make Heaven remember you at least as a dutiful son or daughter or as a patriot on behalf of all the people of your nation. You should die as a patriot. That is the least you can do. You do not have to reach the level of sainthood. Saints can go beyond national boundaries. That is why they can live together in unity. Do you understand?

You should at least be dutiful children for Heaven; you should create dutiful families for Heaven. You have to be patriotic families for the heavenly nation. It is really the time when all the blessed families must save the heavenly nation at the risk of their lives. That is where you are right now. Will you just think of your house, your land, your wife or your children when your nation is collapsing! Do you understand the urgency?…

God has been searching for the perfected Adam who can complete the three ages; the Old Testament Age, the New Testament Age and the Completed Testament Age in his own life time. So God has busily worked for six thousand years. And I had to indemnify all of that history in forty years….

The most serious matter is to keep your blood lineage. What is next? To protect human rights. What is next? Not to misuse public money. Have you really respected your lineage as the parents of your children? Do you know what I mean? [Yes.] You rascals! You are like thieves. You should check yourselves. Ask True Mother how I lead my daily life. People who serve God’s will cannot live as they feel like. Do you understand? [Yes!] No matter what happens, you must be able to keep your dignity. You cannot do anything to hurt our already suffering God by being swayed by satanic surroundings. You can never do that even if you have to die. How many times have I been humiliated? Do you know? Whites, Asians and Blacks alike humiliated me and put me in prison. But God has been humiliated and insulted more….

Although I knew that I was God’s son, I was simply grateful that Satan did not kill me by stabbing me in the heart and bleeding me to death. That is how I thought about the enemy Satan living in the satanic world. Jesus did not understand his position clearly. Do you know what I mean? [Yes.] He did not know how to liberate individuals and himself. If I had been he, I would have made it so that people could have learned about it from the Bible…

The Bible does not contain some points on the Principle. I have not seen anyone even questioning about them so far. I am taking responsibility to indemnify them once I go to the spirit world. God’s present situation is that He is like a prisoner in a prison cell. So whatever we prepare for Him to settle in, no matter how humble it may be, He will be grateful and gladly accept it. That is His situation.

So we need to start building a temple. A temple…All nations should work together as quickly as possible. You have to take up your own responsibility in front of me. It is not only the children of the Second Advent who ought to take responsibility for God’s providence. All the 120 nations must make their Total Living Offerings. No matter what happens, you may quit your missionary work to go back to your hometown and bring all your tribal members from Kim tribe or Lee tribe: You should prepare everyone to be able to enter heaven. You will not be able to avoid accusation if you leave out even a single family from your tribe. This is the chance for you to indemnify your past on the national level. You might have needed to walk thousands or tens of thousands miles day and night to retrace the right path after having lost your sense of mission in God’s providence of restoration in the past. You cannot pursue a life of comfort. I have never wished for my own happiness. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes.] You must know this clearly…

From now, those Unification Church members who are in the spiritual world must compete against the saints there. How long have they been waiting for this? How horribly tired they must have felt just patiently waiting! I also wish that I could restore heaven and earth in an instant. But I cannot do as much as I want to. You must liberate your own ancestors. You must save them. Don’t you think so? You do not even need to try to convert others except your own ancestors.

So now all the national messiahs must have prepared foundations in their own mission nations. How can you say to me, “I could not do it because something happened in my family.”? I told you to catch 160 fish in the Pantanal. Have you done as I told you? This is a very important time. Those of you who participated there for the special four days [of fishing]. If you did not come for the four-day period, something bad could happen to you. You do not know how serious things are. Did you not know that some of the Christian ministers were converted after some serious accidents befell them? Something could happen to some of you, too. You must make good conditions. You will realize how serious our life is after making conditions. Everyone must be the bridges for me. You must be the sacrificial altar. The providence works very mathematically. If any nation is left out there will be consequences. Do you understand?

Total clarification, total indemnification in one generation! We must heal all of history and wipe out all the wrongs…. You must at least be dutiful children of God or loyal patriots of God in your lifetime. Do you think so or not? [Yes, we must.] Those of you who really think that you must, raise your hands. This is not something I can interfere with. I have fulfilled my responsibility as a parent. You may die, or live to the end, but the most important point is not whether you live or die but whether or not you win. Even if you must die, you must die as patriots for God’s nation. Do you understand?…

We have to get everything done in our own lifetimes. That is my destiny. That is why I have no time to rest. If my legs hurt while climbing the mountain of my destiny, then I will have to roll to the destination. Put yourself in my shoes. How serious must the person be who has my responsibility?

Have you listened to the speech I gave at God’s Coronation Ceremony? Is there anything that I need to take out? That was an earnest prayer done with all my heart. Day and night. Without creating the right environment, the subject and object cannot have their positions. That is the Principle. We must create the environment first. You will see whether or not Christian ministers support us. If they do not, this country is doomed. We will pack up and go to China and Russia. I can work faster there….

Let us all fulfill our mission in our own lifetime. Fulfill it in our lifetime! [Fulfill it in our lifetime!] Do not rest until you do. You should shorten your meal times. You should be busy with your work. You should not be busy taking care of yourselves. You must always put your mission first and foremost. You must be so busy that you cannot even tell if it is day or night. I sometimes had days that I asked for breakfast at suppertime and for supper at breakfast time. That is the way I have led my life for many years. I have heard people saying that I was crazy. You do not even think about how hard I had to work to reach this point. I knew clearly what to restore through indemnity and paved the road for you. So you will receive no persecution. You do not need to worry about being pulled down to the bottom of hell. What you need to be concerned about is how high you can go. That should be your only worry. How to be loyal patriots for God and how to be dutiful children for God, and how to be saints who can contribute to the world are the real questions you are facing. Those who oppose you will welcome you in the end….

So, we should complete our work in our own lifetimes! [We should complete our work in our own lifetime!] You must remember that. You must go your destined path. You must establish God’s nation on earth. You do not even need me.

Do you know how fearful it is to be in the position of a blessed family? God has been waiting thousands of years for this. Poor Jesus has been patiently waiting for the liberation of God’s nation. Think about all the poor souls who were martyred for the four hundred years of the Roman Empire. They have had to bear long tedious years for the day of the liberation of God’s kingdom. Without a clear understanding of your serious position, you cannot really push yourself to establish God’s nation. If you cannot establish God’s nation, you cannot go beyond the historical era. There is no way. Do you understand? [Yes!]

[Originally published in Today’s World May 2001]