Calligraphy For True Mother

Cheon(天) Mo(母) Ji(之) Mo(母)
Ji(地)Gyeong(敬) Ji(之) Mo(母)

On March 8, 2004, at 8AM, True Parents bound the earth and the spiritual world newly and declared the begging of heaven and earth the universe, the earth, the true parents of heaven, earth and human being can settle down.

this was Historical day which turned the era of before heaven of the fall and the restoration into the era of after heaven of sovereignty of God is the start of the nation of God and the era of peace kingdom.

The new morning of March 7 to invite such the era of after heaven, True Father start writing calligraphy for True Mother after finishing HDH. True Father wrote Cheonmojino Jigyeongjimo (The mother heaven longing for, the mother earth admiring) and emphasized the meaning repeatedly with great joy.

True Father explained that (the character ‘admiring Gyeong’) meant to respect and attend True Mother just as True Father by using character ‘father bu(父) after ‘Gyeong(敬)’. This sentence means that we long for True Mother as True Mother longs for God and True Father and admire True Mother as we admire True Father. The expression ‘for Mom’ was written with the heart of True Father who wanted to love and admire True Mother.

“who is ‘for Mom’? Even for me, l love True Mother like my mother who gave birth to me. Then heaven come into existence. Because I couldn’t devote to my mother, I asked True Mother to answer and to act like my mom when I call True Mother ‘mom’ even at night.”

2004년 3월7일 참아버님께서는 참어머님께 천모지모 지경지모(天慕之母 地敬之母)라는 휘호를 내려주셨다. 이 휘호의 의미는 “하늘이 사모하는 어머니, 땅이 공경하는 어머니”라는 뜻이라고 참아버님께서 말씀해 주셨다. 이날 쓰신 휘호를 액자로 만들어 3월13일(토) 오후에 한남동에 가져왔고 이것을 들고 기념촬영을 하셨다.
[사진- 이상수, 한남동공관]