God’s Day Speech

God’s Day Speech

Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 2004

These are notes taken at the 10:30 AM speech in the Grand Hall in the Palace at Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center, Chung Pyung Lake, Korea

I will talk a little bit. Actually, I never liked to talk that much. When I was young and could not talk freely, eat what I liked… then I had to do so many indemnity conditions. Restoring everything was so difficult. To say that I am a happy man, true father and king, True Father was not free.

So many who live freely thinking that I can do anything I want, free sex, alcohol, etc. they will die. Those who live sacrificing so many times, almost dying, they will live.

God was never able to stand as king. Because of the fall, He couldn’t stand in that position. No one had true family or nation to value. Lost because of the fall. Think about it. There was nothing.

This kind of day is enjoyable isn’t it? (True Father begins clapping and everyone joins in, True Father starts to dance.)

People say that we do everything we like. If we forget everything and start dancing what would happen? I used to be a good singer, but now I am old and I am embarrassed.

What is today? The era of peace kingdom. It was proclaimed, not declared. Do you like a proclamation or a declaration? The contents of this proclamation are spreading. We need a new constitution. We need to make new God’s couples. Please think about this.

God’s fatherland and the peace kingdom. It may sound like a dream, but know that we are entering an amazing age. This is a warning. True Father taught you, and if you follow we cannot close the gates. If you hear this for the first time, sit up straight and listen well. The first will be last and … Say amen with this kind of heart.

When Korea is liberated that will be good. Some though will not welcome this. Some will try to be presidents. Some will go north others west. In the east U.S. and Japan, in the west, China. Without forgetting Korea, some Koreans were pro-Japanese and tried to create a separate country. Some are pro-Chinese, others pro-US and will try to build a new nation. Until now the countries are all divided and those who live in this age cannot deny this. What happened in the Shilla or Li ages? What about now?

This is the complete unification, when everything under heaven will be united. This is what Rev. Moon is advocating. Some like communism. Do you? How about democracy? Do you like democracy?

We talk of superpowers. What about China? We used to call them big gangs. We called the Americans, those American guys. The Japanese were robbers, the Russians rascals. They used to steal even the pillows in their backpacks. How about the Koreans? The people in white. What does that mean? Koreans would wash their clothes even if they were not dirty, striking them when washing them to make them white.

The Great Wall actually belongs to the Koreans; the Koreans were the owners of China at that time.

They are talking about the Lord of the Rings by Tolkien. The owner of the rings was the true owner. It was incredible; they even mobilized the spirit world army. In this age, these things are being brought out. True Father slept, but True Mother is smart and she watched so I heard the story later. Would you like to go there? Or come to father? Those who have that kind of sixth sense will remain.

What is it? God’s Fatherland. True Father proclaimed it, from now it will come about. With the peace kingdom, it is a place where there is no shadow of the fallen world. There will be many hometowns and nations where people can live together. This will be the reality realm of substantial being. That is the beauty and value of this. If there is no fatherland you will all disappear. If there is no nation, then all the nations cannot exist. There must be God’s fatherland. All those things can only exist on this foundation.

We must rebuild and remodel the fatherland. That is the time to come now. True Father has talked of the total unification. The saints and sages who lived for the hope of the fatherland support us.

We must forget and discard all the false things and liberate everything. Only then can we welcome the fatherland with joy and happiness. Are you clapping because this is true?

Without God’s Fatherland, you have no parents, no husband or wife, they are all false. There is no such thing. Is your mind and body struggling? If unity, then mind and body can never struggle.

You have to understand how much God struggled to create the fatherland. You have to have insight that this was not possible without the resolution of God’s Han.

Do you all have your registration cards? You have to burn them. You have to burn them just like burning the items of the dead person. We had the holy burning ceremony. On that foundation we built the 4th Israel. Do we have to burn that to? Even God’s fatherland must be burned away, and then we can liberate the han of God and Jesus. This is the second coming of Jesus. That is why we have to repent and go beyond the 6000 years. Mohammed appeared in the beginning of the 7th century. All the tribes of Israel were driven away. This is the Barrabic faith. Before this there was never a religion that forced faith, but Islam came with the Koran in one hand and the sword in the other.

In Jerusalem, there is a temple palace with all three faiths and they were fighting each other. Who can reconcile that? Jesus was to do so. But only 1.85% of the people admitted to Israel are Christian.

That kind of religious hotbed exists in Korean peninsula too.

We must proclaim the message of the great saints in spirit world. All those people in the spirit world have already received the blessing. Hoon Mon Nim, how many families did you bless? About 120B. We must go through tong bong kok pa to bless three times more. Even threaten to kill them to make them take the blessing.

Only Rev. Moon can solve the problems of the family. Not even the greatest nations of the world can do that. Only True Father can do this.

Only True Father can change the false to the true olive tree. Can homosexuals really give birth to children? Their eggs will become stones first. You are all descendants of this kind of blood lineage.

Up until now we have not had a nation to register our marriage and birth. This is the cosmic blessing from last year, from True Parents’ blessing. In the 3rd year of Cheon Il Guk, True Parents for the 1st time opened the gates. It was the coronation of the king of the blessed families. The first time in history. I have followed the path of persecution form the pits of hell to create this time. Everything from the time of creation was straightened out. We talked about the elimination of indemnity in July. Centered on principle we can stand with dignity to enter the Kingdom. All directions united, we created the realm and age of princes and princesses, and created the registration blessing, the age of the blessed family.

In preparation for the foundation of God’s kingdom, for the time when God’s kingdom will come. The elimination of all boundaries and the liberation of hell. This will be a time of building.

Centered on the 8th pledge, we must go beyond the traditional absolute love of Christianity. True love, God’s Love, is living for the sake of others. If it isn’t logical it cannot be true. The providential view of Rev. Moon cannot be denied.

All the peace ambassadors are archangels and have no right to possession. People say that Rev. Moon tries to buy power. They have tried to put Rev. Kwak in prison. Have I gone to North Korea and come back alive or not?

People try to attach strings. Don’t attach strings. There should be no false affections. The Nobel Prize winners cannot create factions in our movement. People thought that I would be destroyed. Would god be with someone that is on the way to destruction? Wherever I go, God is with me.

Who from the west has not spoken critically of me? I do not trust the judges and politicians, they are all robbers.

There was an appointment with Bush, I did not go. There is an ignorant farmer in Brazil as president now. He wanted to meet with me, but I would not go. When they apologize I might meet them.

Members of the Nobel committee came to meet me in London. I made them wait two hours. I told them that if this were the truth would they follow me? They are all robbers. They said they would have to ask the queen.

I survived all these struggles, and am able to teach all the great people of the world. Can the Kingdom of God be declared or not? If you don’t believe it you should go to the established churches.

At the UN GA, if this is decided then everything will follow. If not, then we can put them on a plane and go to Inchon. We can replace them with people registered in Korea. The law of the fatherland will be developed, the laws are not humanistic, and there will be no sympathy here. If you become True Parents yourself, is there something that I did not teach you? We are all masters of Cheon Il Guk. God has allowed this, it is your country. If no fall then centering on your lineage, unity would have come.

There will be a purge on God’s orders, and evil will be eliminated like shadows. Gays will be eliminated, the three Israels will unite. If not then they will be burned. We do not know what kind of world God will bring but this is what happens. It will be greater than the communist purge but at God’s orders. Can I pull the blessed families from hell? If you fail your ancestors will form factions in hell and descend on you.

God sends out a public message. The Kingdom has been proclaimed but there was no nation. If all the nations of the world became loyal, then we could shine like the light.

Until April 10 of next year, the embassies must come together and 120 families blessed, 180 and 430. All the nations must do this. The age has come when they must come to Korea to be blessed.

Everything was separated. The 7 nations separating couldn’t make one unified world. Can the 7 nations be united in the embassies? Problem or no problem?

No problem. One family, one world. You have to know this well. You have to go on the front lines and make the preparation. The embassies have been built. The nations centered on Korea, embassies of all the nations and islands and continents will be created. All the neighbors of Korea. The peninsula will become the gateway to the world. We gathered many leaders yesterday in Cholla. Before they opposed True Father but now they want Cholla to become special area, now they unite.

All the ancestors of the spirit world have come together to repent for killing Jesus. Now all the Israels can be connected centered on Korea. They have all been liberated. Now we have the proclamation of God’s Fatherland in the era of the Peace Kingdom. Everything that I am saying is being sent to the CIA, saying that True Father will bring down America.

You have to sell your house to bring in this age. True Father has to proclaim the fatherland and quickly restore this nation.

We will end. Understand, total unification, even the blessed families must be recreated to bring in the Peace Kingdom.

Some of the tasks that we must do:

Fulfill the family pledge, live up to the name of an owner of Cheon Il Guk. All must be one, mind and body, h/w, p/c. Centered on the blood lineage, the gates of heaven will open. The whole problem is that you must go past the first gate. There are two more pledges than the 8, but I cannot announce them now. The age of the completion of the family pledge has come about. Only on this can we stand on the foundation for the Cheon Il Guk. All things must be offered to complete the family pledge. This is completion and liberation of the heavenly nation.

Next, are we the only ones to perfect this? With new holy salt and new holy wine, we must liberate the Cain type world. By using this we will complete the tong bong kyok pa. We must bless and purify those who do not know the family pledge.

Next, we must make the safe settlement of pure love, life and sex. What is a pure love department? We have to completely separate this like Sodom and Gomorrah. You must never forget, purity before marriages, fidelity in marriage, protect your blood lineage, the 3 generations of your lifetime, even up to the 4th gen. You must complete their blessing.

Next make the age of the total and complete harmony. Restore your family and tribe. Revival, resurrection and eternal life ceremonies of blessing and purification. All blessed families must put these things together.

Number 5, the confirming of True Father’s words, the conferment ceremony, and the grandfather of the first generation can confirm and hand down the words. How many volumes? 400, you must inherit all of them, and pass them down to each generation. The son and grandson must inherit from the father and grandfather, handing it down to the 7th generations, the 16th generations. To set them up to live in the heavenly kingdom, they must receive the heavenly law. That is why you must have a conferment.

The Chun Sung Pa, the heavenly scripture distills the 400 volumes to a 2300 page book, the heavenly bible. You have to study and memorize. All the guidelines for living in the heavenly nation are in this book, the articles of the heavenly constitution are in this book. How much is 400 volumes? 6M won. 400 volumes must become your family treasure. 7.8 M won plus 30%. Round off to 10 M won for the 400. Rev. Kwak? This must be conferred to your lineage. How much? We have so many people from around the world, let’s decide. Who says 7.8?

This money offered belongs to True Parents, not the church. With that money we will build heavenly infrastructure, roads and schools. This is a sacred offering, don’t deceive. Use a portion of your salary to give this money. Do not deceive. Hand out some paper and make everyone sign and give their addresses, for your sons and daughters. Write your ancestors, so that this can be handed to your descendants. So no other factions will come from your lineage.

If there are three generations, then you must fulfill this task. Work together to fulfill this money.

So it is fixed at 10M won. 30% more than cost. In America and Japan, those costs will of course be much higher than in Korea. So this offering will last tens of thousands of years, and these volumes can be passed down, if so, then the kingdom of God will never perish. As more time is spent in HDH, there spirits will rise.

Number 6 is that all things begin from God’s Fatherland. Forget everything, burn everything of the past. Don’t be proud of the things you did in the past. You can be proud of only the things you do in the future. True patriots and saints. True Father is closing the doors to suffering and opening the gates to the Kingdom of heaven.

Number 7 is unification of mind and body. This is going in reverse. Starts with family pledge and ends in mind and body unification. You can end with the fulfillment of family pledge, but it must be fulfilled. All things must be united in accord with your mind, set up the determination to be in the position of prince and princess in front of God.

True Father is handing down these words to you all. Please pass it on to your descendants and then God’s kingdom will last forever and ever. Everything will finally be perfected and completed.

God wanted his fatherland we wanted the peace kingdom. Give thanks and be grateful, stand without shame before heaven and earth. Do not become the kind of sons and daughters that only cry for themselves.

Korean Transcript:

아래 내용은 2004년 1월1일 제37회 참하나님의 날, 청평수련원에서
참아버님이 하신 말씀 “하나님의 조국과 평화왕국시대” 를 요약한 것입니다.


*자, `하나님의 조국`해봐요. 하나님의 조국이라는 말, 오늘 아침에 선포했기 때문에 이제부터 하나님의 조국이 시작되는 거예요. 그러면, 평화왕국을 선포했어요. 이제 하나님의 조국과 평화왕국이 시작돼. 선포됐으니, 그 자리는 타락한 세계와 하등의 관계없는 자리야. 타락하기 전 하나님이 이상으로 바라던 하나님의 나라 -하나님의 조국이에요.-
조국이 없는 데서 이루어진 것은 다 없어지는 거예요. 나라가 없는데 나라의 대신한 이름이 대한민국이라는 말도, 민족에는 백의민족이라는 말도, 대놈, 무슨 놈 하던 모든 백의민족도 다 있을 수 없는 거야. 하나님이 바라는 조국 그 땅과 일원될 수 있는 내용이 역사시대를 거쳐 하나 개인으로부터, 가정으로부터, 종족, 민족 이래가지고 세계적 조국광복을 선포할 수 있는 그 때가 되거들랑 모든 것이 그 위에서 존재 시작해야할 것이 다 탈락됐던 것이 탕감법을 대용하기 위해서 지금까지 조건적 기준을 중심삼고 살아왔다는 사실을 알고, 하나님의 조국이 벌어졌다고 할 때에 조국강토가 벌어졌다고 할 때는 자기의 있는 모든 과학과 조건적 입장에서 그 명분을 열려 나왔던 걸 다 밟아 치우고, 끊고서라도 뒤집어 조국광복 위에 다시 세워 가지고 개조하지 않으면 안 될 시대가 됐다는 것을 알아야 된다! 아시겠어요?/

결론은 간단해요. 일체 모든 것 중에 하나님의 조국광복 위에서부터 시작하지 않은 것은 지옥에 가든가 죽든가 없어지는 것이 천리원칙이다. 아멘!
오늘의 말씀 내용을 잘 알아두세요. 일체 통일을 말했어요. 축복가정의 일체 정비도 말한 것은 하나님의 조국 위에 세우기 위한 선생님의 사랑의 마음이니 감사하는 마음을 가지고 받아들이지 않으면 안 될지어다.

제일 중요한 것이 뭐냐 하면 가정맹세다. ??천일국 주인 우리 가정??이라는 말, 그 네임밸류가 부끄럽지 않은 여러분 가정이 되어야 돼요. 천일국, 하나님까지 하나되고, 마음과 몸에서부터 하나되어 가지고 부부가 하나되고 아들딸과 부모가 하나되어야 돼요. 상대권 중심삼은 데서는 통일의 원칙이 중심될 수 있는 사랑의 터전이 없어서는 안 돼요. 사랑을 중심삼은 생명과 생명을 중심삼은 혈족이 아니면 안 되는 거예요. 혈족이 하나된 그 위에서 천국의 문이 열리는 거예요. 여러분이 다 그런 기준이 안 되어 있기 때문에 전부 시정해야 할 첫 관문에 들어가느냐 안 들어가느냐 하는 게 문제되는 거예요.

둘째는 뭐냐 하면 특별성염과 성주 사용시대!
가정맹세가 중요하지만 우리가 가정맹세를 해서 해방 받았지만 형님 누나들의 가인세계가 남아 있기 때문에 특별성염과 성주를 사용해 가지고 정화시켜야 할 우리 책임, 통반격파 완료를 하지 않으면 안 된다는 것이 특별주문이에요.

그래 가지고 가인과 아벨이 하나되어야만 하나님의 조국, 하나님이 임재할 수 있는 자리가 시작되기 때문에 하나님의 조국도 가인과 아벨이 하나돼야 되는 거예요. 가정맹세를 지키는 사람들과 가정맹세를 모르는 사람들을 특별성염과 특별성주를 사용해서 축복해 가지고 가인 아벨권을 만들어야만 하나님 조국 상에 설 수 있는 종족?민족?국가가 형성되는 것이다. 조국 위에 세워야 되는 거예요.

셋째는 뭐냐 하면 순결과 순혈과 순애 성(性) 안착시대! 우리의 순결본부가 있지요? 오늘날 세계에 순결이 어디에 있느냐? 소돔 고모라가 멸망하게 된 것은 무엇이냐? 음란의 나라가 됐기 때문에 불살랐는데 그와 마찬가지가 되는 거예요. 그래서 집을 떠나라는 명령을 했는데 롯의 처가 그렇게 살던 곳을 뒤돌아보다가 소금기둥이 되어서 만세의 서러움의 비참한 표본 된 것을 망각하지 말아야 돼요. 여러분도 마찬가지예요. 그런 시대에 있다는 거예요. 그렇기 때문에 결혼 전 순결! 결혼 후에도 순결을 지킴과 동시에 순혈이에요. 핏줄이 맑아야 돼요. 몇 대조, 여러분이 사는 동안 3대권 4대까지도 같이 살지만 3대 사는 동안에 있어서 할아버지, 어머니 아버지, 자기 중심삼고 자기 아들딸까지, 4대까지도 순결을 분별시켜 가지고 지켜야 할 책임이 있다는 거예요.

넷째는 뭐냐 하면 이런 시대가 됐기 때문에 중생식, 부활식, 영생시대 및 정화시대! 정화는 뭐냐? 축복가정들이 천일국에 입성했는데 돌아봐서 내가 무엇이 미진하냐 해서 원리 말씀을 중심삼고 훈독회 하는 거예요. ??천성경??을 읽으면서 선생님의 400권 책을 대조하면서 비교해서 미진한 사실을 전부 다 청산해야 돼요.
중생식, 부활식, 영생시대와…. 영생시대에 와서 여기에 참석했더라도 남과 같이 어린 시대부터 세례를 받고 교회를 믿지 못 했던 걸 다 내적으로 정비해야 된다구요. 그렇기 때문에 중생식, 부활식, 영생시대 및 정화시대! 이것이 넷째예요. 이것이 여러분 가정과 여러분 환경이 하나님 조국에 들어갈 수 있는 자격이에요. 가정적 자격, 가정이 이런 자리에 서야 되는 거예요.
다섯째는 뭐냐 하면 말씀집 전수시대! 말씀집 전수시대가 뭐냐 하면 1대조 할아버지가 가르쳐 준 말씀을 중심삼고 2대조 할아버지가 하늘나라의 헌법이요, 하늘나라의 부처 어디든지 필요한 법이기 때문에 그것을 그냥 전수 받아야 돼요.

그래서 7대까지 이래야 돼요. 전수해야 된다는 거예요. 그러니까 부모 된 자는 자기의 아들딸이 결혼하거들랑 하나님의 조국 위에 올려 주기 위해서는 조국에 살 수 있는 헌법과 부처 법, 하늘나라의 법도와 지상의 법에 해당할 수 있는 내용을 전수해야 되는 거예요. 전수식이 있다는 거예요. 그러면 전수를 받는 그 사람들은 이것을 실천 안 해 가지고는 안 돼요. /

정정당당한, 위신도 당당하게 하나님 앞에 나서 가지고 칭찬받을 수 있는 왕자 왕녀의 대신 상속자가 되기를 빌면서 오늘 이거룩한 날, 하나님의 조국과 평화왕국시대의 기념의 날을 대신하는 거예요.
이 말들을 부디 부디 자손만대, 후대 후손 앞에 남겨서 잘 지켜 주기를, 오늘의 여러분이 듣고 결심하는 이상의 후손들이 되면 하나님의 나라는 영원히 천년 만년 억만세 태평성대를 이루는 왕국 천국 지상천국 해방 석방시대가 되기 때문에 만세에 한이 없는, 누구든지 찬양을 영원히 돌릴 수 있는 부모의 자리, 스승의 자리, 왕의 자리에 세우게 되느니라. 모든 것이 완성. 아~멘!「아~멘!」(박수) ***