11th Chil Pal Jeol Celebration

Commemorative Service on 11th Chil Pal Jeol – The Declaration of the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth

August 1, 2007
Cheon Jeong Peace Palace
FFWPU International


Dae Mo Nim’s Report

True Parents writing calligraphy, ‘The Era of Self-Governance, liberation and inner freedom of the ideal 3 Great Kingships’, at the ’11th Chil-pal Jeol Celebration’ held at Cheon Jeong Gung Museum, August 1, 2007.

On August 1, the ’11th Chil-pal Jeol Celebration’ was held at Cheon Jeong Gung Museum with True Parents. National Messiahs, each organization representatives, pastors, blessed couples of about 1,500 people from around the world attended. After True Parents’ speech, True Parents gave calligraphy writing, ‘Ideal Era of Self Governing Liberation and Inner Freedom of the Ideal 3 Great Kingship’ (translation not official).

Following True Parents entrance and lighting of the Holy Candles at 8 am, the celebration ceremony was guided by Rev. Chun-hwan Kwak, International President of IIFWPU. The program was; opening declaration, bows from each representative levels, reciting of the Family Pledge, representative prayer, cutting of the congratulatory cake, partaking of the Holy Food, commemorative words and Hoondok of True Parents’ speech, congratulatory song, presentation of flowers, True Parents words, and ended with 4 cheers of Eok-manse by Rev. Sun-jo Hwang, President of FFWPU Korea.

At the commemorative words, Rev. Kwak said, “On July 7 (lunar calendar), 1997, the ‘Universal Rest Realm of Parents of Heaven and Earth’ was declared on this day and was named the Chil-pal Jeol”. Also, “True Parents announced to celebrate the 11th Chil-pal Jeol on August 1, and this is the first commemorative day”. In the Hoondok, Rev. Kwak read True Parents speech which was spoken in Kodiak, Alaska, on August 4, 2003.

True Parents spoke for around 2 hours. At the beginning of his speech, True Parents asked the members, “What should I talk about today? What can I say when God’s wish is the most valuable content and the best thing?” Then, “What is the root of humans? It is love. There can’t be 2 existing roots of true love. There cannot be 2 absolute existing things. All existence’s attribute can be divided into 10,000 things but the main attribute is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal.” True Parents then continued on talking about the attributes of true love.

In the 2nd half of his speech, “You must all become actual princes and princesses. When you become the actual prince and princesses and expand it, you can change the 3 generations to kingships. Therefore, when you embrace the entity you are able to inherit all heaven. God’s motherland where we can scream the Eok-manse of Peace and Tranquility, Heaven on Earth which is man’s motherland must be ours. This is the conclusion.”

After his speech, True Parents wrote calligraphy writing, ‘The era of self-governance, liberation and inner freedom of the ideal 3 great kingship’ (translation not official).

The 11th Chil-pal Jeol Celebration ended at 11:40 am by Rev. Hwang’s 4 cheers of Eok-manse.

Chung Hwan Kwak’s Report

On August 1 8:00 a.m the pledge service and ceremony to commemorate the 11th Chil Pal Jeol was held with True Parents at the Cheon Jeong Peace Palace.

During his speech that day True Father emphasized that we should fulfill our responsibility toward our ancestors and descendants, and work hard so that all people can receive the blessing and together shout og-mansei in the sacred reign of peace for the past, present and future under God’s dominion.

Father also spoke of changing the name of the Holy Day from “Chil Pal Jeol” to “Pal Il Jeol (or Il Pal Jeol).” (The official naming will be sent out as an official memo.)

Participants offered a full bow and recited the family pledge. Rev. Kwak gave the representative prayer. True Parents cut the celebration cake and ate the offering food.

Rev. Kwak then explained the history and significance of the blessing and how it had developed throughout the years.

At 9:40 a.m. True Father took the podium and spoke on the value and importance of the sexual organ which serves as the palace of love, life and lineage. He gave a detailed explanation on the four main attributes of God. He also spoke in Japanese and to the Japanese members about the importance of the Japanese providence. True Father emphasized that this Holy Day should be one of celebration of becoming actual prince and princess and that we should quickly complete the Blessing so that we may all become True Parents’ children and prince and princesses.

At the end of the program Father wrote calligraphy which can be roughly translated as:

“The era of self-governance, liberation and inner freedom of the ideal three great kingships”