Fathers words in Alaska about Hyun Jin Moon

Fathers words in Alaska about Hyun Jin Moon

Michael Lamson and Taekon Lee
August 3, 2011

Dear families,
As you are aware True Parents have been really hurt by the actions of their son Hyun Jin Nim and the Kwak family. True Parents have always hoped that their son would return but his actions have shown clearly that this will not happen. Hyun Jin Nim and the Kwak family have been selling assets that are providentially important and that were developed and paid for by True Parents and members. Father while in Alaska last week made it very clear where we should stand as Unification Church members and Blessed Families.

Father stated clearly that to be members we should follow True Parents and that if we do not then we should not consider ourselves as members. He stated clearly more than a few times:” I have nothing to do with Kwak family and Hyun Jin. True Parents are no more related to Kwak family and Hyun Jin family.”

Let’s remember who we follow and his directions to speak out loudly and clearly about who we are. HyunJin Nim and the Kwak family are still conducting Hoon Dok Hae, trying to look like they are connected to Parents and working hard to turn members away from following Fathers will and vision. They have paid staff that works around the clock to put as much stuff on the net as they can to promote Hyun Jin Nim and the Kwaks as victims and to sway members (with a focus on our children) to follow them and not Father.

Hyun Jin Nim and the Kwak family have broken the hearts of our True Parents and stolen from heaven what does not belong to them. Father is clear that he does not approve or support any projects or programs being developed by Hyun Jin Nim and the Kwaks and he is very clear that we should have nothing to do with these projects and programs. For a member and Blessed Family to go against Father is painful, for Rev. Kwak, to plot and plan against Father, will be one of history’s greatest betrayals and for one of the True Children to set themselves above True Parents is a heartbreak that will be remembered for eternity.

A few months ago I heard that Hyun Jin Nim is now in the process of selling True World Foods(TWF). TWG (True World Group) was Father life dream and one that he has invested countless prayers and resources into. This will cause many problems as members will most likely lose jobs that they have held for many years. I would suggest that members who work in TWF seriously look for new jobs if possible. Those who need to work for TWG or UCI (Unification Church International) companies should continue to do so but should be clear about where they stand spiritually when it comes up at work and start saving money for when those companies fall apart during the coming law suits.

I do believe that in the end of all this God will make a victory for the providence he is leading through True Parents. Father has always found a way to offer up his suffering and make it a victory and he has been through much worse than this. I pray that all of us, by how we act and live, can show Father that we are with him and of the same heart and mind so that he will know he is not alone.

All of you know where I stand. I will serve and follow True Parents, the Messiah. With all my heart I believe that those who are united in heart with True Parents at this time will enter into a realm of heavenly fortune and that those who choose to disunite, or sit on a fence, will find a life of struggle and hardship.
Rev. Michael Lamson

These are notes from Fathers words over the last few days in Alaska by: Taekon Lee

Father: Are these members all?

Bishop Kim: True Parents want all family members and company members should be here in Hoon Dok Hae. Is anybody missing Hoon Dok Hae from company members?

Father: Who is the owner here? All company members come forward.

All company members receive payroll? Who is giving that salary? Who is the owner? Who is true owner? True Parents or Hyun Jin? (Father is yelling. Clearly answer)

If you don’t trust you are not under True Parents, You are not Unification Church members anymore. When did you join church? You should have absolute loyalty

Who blessed you? True Parents or Hyun Jin? (Answer clearly)

Do church and company use different offices under different owners?

Who is the president of ISA (International Seafoods of Alaska)? (Lee Jun Shik) Lee Jun Shik should be here. Without True Parents support, ISA cannot survive.

Did you come yesterday to welcome True Parents?

Kwak Family and Hyun Jin should not be involved in any business. Even when this company was in trouble, I invested million dollars. This company belongs to True Parents, not somebody else. Without True Parents, there is no ISA. The company belongs to True Parents or somebody else? If you think it belongs to somebody else, you should leave Kodiak. ISA,

Who is the vice president? Are you vice president? What’s your name? (Nakamura) Are you Unification Church member or Kwak’ person? (True Parents)

Anyone belong to the Kwak family, you should leave. I have nothing to do with the Kwak family and Hyun Jin. True Parents no longer related to Kwak family and Hyun Jin family.

Who is the church leader?

Bishop Kim: Larry (Krishnek) is the District Director. Hu is the State Leader.

Father: Who appointed him?

Mother and Biship Kim: Father appointed him.

Father: (talking to Rev. Krishnek) Why you don’t take care of people here? You should take care of members and everybody’s spiritual life here.

All stand up. Do you belong to ISA or Unification Church? Why you make troubled ISA? Did you know that ISA and TWG is opposing True Father? TWG ISA?

Today, ISA is dismissed. Today, all ISA members make pledge to True Parents and to follow True Parents’s direction.

Is there any Lawyer here who opposes to True Parents?

Everybody should belong to True Parents. Otherwise you are legally in trouble.

If True Parents sue ISA and leadership, you will be in big trouble. If you are not united with Father’s direction, you will go to prison.

Who is True Parents?

That is outcome. Every property belongs to True Parents and the Unification Church. Even the Kwak family will be in prison. Is this wrong or right? If you think my message is wrong, go out. If you pledge to follow True Parents, come forward. Count them. (15 people)

Three church leaders come to the center. If you are confused about True Parents’ direction, your salary has been paid needs to be returned and then go to Jail.

If you belong to True Parents, answer clearly. True Parents is the center of America and the world.

The Kwak family and Hyun Jin’s side are not following my will. 곽일가와 현진이는 내 뜻을 따르지않고있다.

Take picture for them and even video….

Do you guys belong to Unification Church or any country?

Are you expecting True Parents to come and are you ready to welcome True Parents any time?

Where are Jeon Sook and Hyun Jin? Why couldn’t they come? Can Heavenly Father be with them? 왜 여기 안 왔어, 전숙이와 현진이는 어디있어?

If you go against True Parents and Unification Church direction, can you go along with True Parents in Heaven?

You make sure 분명하다 ISA means thief.

So, the Kwak family will go to jail because they are against True Parents and they are stealing money and property which belong to True Parents.

Anybody in any country who is trying to steal True Parents’ belongings and property like the Kwak family will go to jail. They are not even afraid of secular law. If True Parents sue them, they will be in trouble.

If you are united with them, that means you are crazy because you don’t know True Parents’ will and heart how much True Parents love and invest to Kodiak especially fish business.

If you are against True Parents direction, your root and ancestors will be removed.You know who is right and wrong. Ask God and ancestors. They will answer you.

True Parents is the Messiah, Savior, and Second Coming. How can you against True Parents’ will? No one even UN, America cannot stop True Parents’ will. …

Three church leaders come forward. Come to this side. Face each other. Those who are clear about Unification Church and True Parents, come over this side.

Photographer! You all have cellular phones. Take pictures. Nakamura come forward! Anybody who is responsible as financial director or bookkeeper?

(Bookkeeper) How did you pay all the cost and money? Did you follow my direction or Hyun Jin or Mr. Lee? (I listened to Mr. Lee before.)

General Manager! Do you have all authority to pay money? No one can decide even small property sale without True Parents’ approval. All the lawyers even in different countries suggested Father sue them. Even many groups against True Parents who were trying to put Father in jail failed. If I sue, even the president and congress will be in trouble.

You should consider this company is going to right direction or not. If the leadership is doingsomething wrong, you should tell the leadership. “This is wrong. This is not right direction.” You should commit your loyalty to True Parents and Unification Church as a Blessed family member.

As an owner, Savior, and Messiah, True Parents can control all the earth and property. You should have clear faith related to this small company.

True Parents is the center of all things. You should understand who True Parents are. Father’s memory about even small things is very clear. Father remembers small things forever.

All government and world organization recognize how True Parents are going right direction for world peace. You don’t know anything about the Garden of Eden and God’s providence.

Do you understand what True Parents are trying to explain?

Centering on these three representatives, come forward around them. Take picture. These three people can take picture for these people.

Those who stand here are representative of all company members and family members!

Make a strong commitment for absolute loyalty, obedience and support to True Parents. You know Father’s position and love for the Kodiak and American providence.

Until today, your action has been against Father’ will. You must repent and confess even to the spirit world and start again with absolute faith and loyalty.

Three leaders face to True Parents! Take out your cell phones and bring them to me!

Everything belongs to True Parents. Father just reminds you that this is not a new fact. Everything belongs to True Parents.

This moment is the evidence you have made a commitment. So take pictures! If the Judge asks whether you have any evidence for this property, you should bring this picture as an evidence.

Is somebody recording my words? If anybody checks my words, they will know whether Father is right or wrong. Everybody take picture of this moment.

From today, since you understand everything clearly, you will follow Father’s direction. Answer clearly. (Yes).

True Parents understand you totally repent and come back to True Parents side.

Even if True Parents never mention this again from now on, you know what to do.

You have to change 180 degree totally to the right direction from today.

Do you agree on True Parents’ direction and message today? You will testify from today. We will be onTrue Parents side. And testify everywhere even in court. If you agree, raise your hands and clap.

Three representatives can sit down. All the members call your children. ISA belongs to True Parents, the founder and all property belongs to Unification Church. Restaurant also belongs toTrue Parents and the church.

Please cut off any relationship with UCI. Clearly know you belong to Unification Church, not ISA and UCI. If you are not clear about this, you will be very confused in the spirit world.