Ocean Providence Timeline

Ocean Providence Timeline

1950s Conception of the Ocean Providence

1960s Preparation for the Ocean Providence

1970s Foundation for the Ocean Providence

• June 26, 1963 – Production and launching of the Boat of Heavenly Victory
• 1972 – Purchase of Jigui Island in Jeju
• 1974 – Purchase of New Hope and Flying Phoenix – Reverend Moon reports and promises to God that he will begin the ocean providence
• 1975 – 22-day research in Gloucester, MA, on how to catch large tuna
• 1976 – Reverend Moon becomes famous for catching Atlantic bluefin tuna (the largest tuna caught weighed 578kg and was 5.49m long)
Acquisition of the Master Marine shipbuilding yard and Norfolk, VA dock The marine product company I.O.E. (International Oceanic Enterprise) is founded and Dr. Bo Hi Pak is appointed as first company president
• 1977 – Establishment of a fish distribution business in New York (wholesale,
retail, and delivery)
•1978 – NY sea products company is founded
Acquisition of Golden Gate Sea Food
Acquisition of International Sea Food Alaska
Acquisition of I.O.E. Alabama
• 1979 – Restaurants are opened throughout America

1980s Rapid Development of the Ocean Providence

1980 – Pollution-free natural seafood released in the U.S. market seafood facility obtained (acquisition of Morning Garden) Production of the Good-Go boats begins (innovative design by Reverend Moon)
August – the inaugural World Tuna Fishing Competition was held and a scholarship foundation for children of American fishermen was established.
October – Ocean Church was founded
December – the International Fishing Amity League was founded to prepare for the fishing world cup
•1982 – Support for the American Fisherman Protection Law and for development of the fishing industry
•1983 – Employment opportunity expands
September – Professors from the Professors World Peace Academy, scientists
and social leaders attend ocean workshop in Kodiak, Alaska
November – Japanese entrepreneurs participate an international oceanic cultural exchange
Fishing of high-quality fish promoted in Alaska (large flounders, halibut, salmon, etc)
• August 1985 – Exporting to Japan of tuna produced on the eastern USA coast begins, and plans are made to expand to a number of restaurants throughout the United States
• 1986 – Processed crab sticks (kamini) are sold throughout the United States
• 1987 – Production of the 85ft One Ocean boat (manufactured at the Master Marine shipyard)
Acquisition and founding of seafood companies in New York and Los Angeles
Il-heung Shipbuilding and Il-heung Marine Products founded in Korea
• December 1988 – Next stage of the ocean providence in America begins in West Palm Beach, FL. New plans made at Master Marine, Alabama for building 52’ fiberglass fishing boats
• April 1989 – Staff trained in Kodiak, AK, and other Alaskan areas move to 43 different nations to expand the ocean providence to the worldwide level
True Parents offer devotion to God while fishing off the eastern coast of the United States, at the Hudson River, Long Island, Freeport and Sandy Hook.
December – Launching of First Hope in the Gulf of Mexico, Reverend Moon directs 30 Ocean Church centers to be established across America

1990s Full-scale Expansion of the Ocean Providence in North America, South America and South Korea

• 1990 – World Ocean Inc. begins Fishing tours from Japan start
Unificationists in Japan order 36 One Hope boats
Tenkai, the first live fish restaurant, opens
•1991 – Completion of the fishing boats First Hope II and First Hope III by Master Marine in Alabama
• 1992 – Work on Ocean Peace, a 250ft trawler, is begun
• January 1994 – The First Sightseeing and Fishing Assembly for World Peace and Bushiri Fishing Competition are held on Jeju Island
April – The MMTackle fishing store is open at the port of the Statue of Liberty in New Jersey
August – 20th anniversary of the ocean providence is celebrated at Belvedere, NY
October – Il-heung Shipbuilding builds Good-Go FRT boats
•January 1995 – The Second Sightseeing and Fishing Assembly for World Peace held on Jeju Island
I.O.E. company name is changed to True World Group
April – South American ocean providence begins
October – Launching of the five-ton fishing vessel Il-heung 3 and the 5.43-ton rod-fishing vessel Il-heung at the Wimiri dock in Namwon, Jeju Island
• January 1996 – Ocean Providence High-tech Exhibition held in Uruguay
August – Ocean Providence High-tech Exhibition held in Campo Grande in Brazil
Ways to develop the ocean off the coast of Uruguay discussed with government officials involved in the ocean industry
Land on the coast purchased to develop a port with the Uruguay government.
Plans made to ship four types of boats (16ft, 20ft, 24ft, 28ft) built by Il-heung Shipbuilding to 120 nations
November – three successful South American fishing and research expeditions

2000s Global Expansion of the Ocean Providence Centering on the Pacific Rim

August 30 ~ September 3, 2000 – KODIAK Fishing Tournament held
October 7~9 Asia Sport Fishing King of Kings Tournament held
November 6 ~ December 15 First Ocean Providence Workshop held in Kona, HI
•August 19~31, 2001 First Unification & Communist Thought Workshop and Fishing Tournament for World Leaders held on Jeju Island
September 16 – Fishing tournament for public officials held in Kodiak
September 27 – Master Marine Shipbuilding company established in Korea
October 17~20 First World Fishing World Cup Competition held in Nagasaki, Japan.
• January 21, 2002 – Ocean providence Sea-Mount Special Training, Kona, HI
March 1 ~ April 9 Second 40-day ocean training workshop for world leaders, Kona, HI
April 20 3rd and 4th Ocean leader 40-day workshops
November 15 ~ December 5 Investigation of the ocean fishing environment of the Korean west coast
• December 6 ~ February 8, 2003 Investigation of the ocean fishing environment of the Korean south coast
•February 9 ~ March 31, 2003 Investigation of the possibilities for ocean providence work in southern cities of South America (Chile, Argentina, Uruguay)
June ~ October 22 Second World Fishing World Cup Yeosu
• May 2~5, 2004 Yeosu Peace King Cup Fishing Tournament
October 20~24 First World Fishing World Cup Asia Conference, Taiwan
• September 8~12, 2005 Third World Fishing World Cup International Conference, Taiwan
• January 29, 2008 Groundbreaking ceremony for the Hwayang zone within the Kwangyang Gulf Free Economic Zone, South Korea
July 18 – Opening of the Ocean Resort in Yeosu, South Korea
October 8 – Groundbreaking ceremony for an ocean sightseeing and leisure town in the Keomun zone, South Korea
• September ~12, 2009 Investigation of fishing at the Heilong Jiang (Black Dragon River) in China
October 24~25 Yeosu Multi-cultural Families Fishing Tournament, South Korea
• November 18 2004 ~ present (2011)
5th ~ 45th World Ocean Leader 40-day Special Workshop held 5,481 participants so far

2010s Ocean Providence in Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and Las Vegas

September 25, 2010 – Reverend Moon’s fishing providence in Las Vegas starts at Lake Mead near Hoover Dam
• October 8, 2010 – Two fishing boats (18-foot and 28-foot) are moved to Las Vegas by True World Marine
• November 11, 2010 – Reverend Moon researches new fishing methods on Lake Mead
• February 17, 2011 – Launching Ceremony for the Choongwajeong, Cheonjeongho
1 & International Assembly to Explain the Negative N.C. Resin Mold, Yeosu, South Korea
• August 4, 2011 – Reverend Moon explores Lake Mead and Colorado River
• August 18, 2011 – Ceremony for the Dedication and Launch of the Won Mo Boat, Las Vegas, NV