True Parents’ Visit to Hawaii

True Parents’ Visit to Hawaii

Ken Doo
June 15, 2011
Translated by Tossa Cromwell
Hawaii King Garden in Kona, HI

On May 29, 2011, 4.27 by the Heavenly Calendar, True Parents oversaw the 49th Day of All True Things and the 57th anniversary of the founding of HSA-UWC after victoriously completing the World Tour in Europe and America. True Parents oversaw the Ocean Providence in Yeosu until they left for America on 5.9 by the Heavenly Calendar (June 10, 2011).

True Parents took Hyung Jin Nim and Yeon Ah Nim with them when they left at 9 p.m. on Friday, June 10 and arrived in Kona, Hawaii at 12:30 p.m.

Sun Jin Nim (the daughter of True Parents), together with In Sup Nim (Sun Jin Nim’s spouse) and Hawaiian members came out to receive True Parents on the day of their arrival in Kona. In the afternoon, True Parents went to the Hawaii Queen Garden and took a rest from the fatigue of their journey. They oversaw Hoon Dok Hwe at 5 a.m. the next morning at the Hawaii King Garden.

Hoon Dok Hwe started with Hoon Dok reader Wonju McDevitt’s reading of Memories and Reminiscing, page 185 of the 24th volume of The Sermons of Rev. Sun Myung Moon. In attendance of True Parents, Hyung Jin Nim and Yeon Ah Nim, Sun Jin Nim and In Sup Nim, Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Rev. Jeong Eog Yu, chief lecturer for the Original Divine Principle workshops, more than 40 Hawaiian members and more than 10 Japanese missionaries gathered.

Up until the conclusion of Hoon Dok Hwe, it was cloudy and rainy, but when True Parents inspected the Big Island, which is at the center of the Ocean Providence, it was sunny. The weather had welcomed True Parents brightly on the occasion of their first visit in a year and eight months.

Kona, Hawaii is the center and starting point of the Age of God’s Pacific Rim Civilization. True Parents have told us that the Hawaii King Garden and Hawaii Queen Garden (both located in Kona) are in the position of the original Garden of Eden, with no relation to the Fall. Thus, Kona is also the place where Father said that human salvation must be concluded through the Original Divine Principle education, going beyond the age of the Exposition of the Divine Principle, which has guided fallen humanity until now.

It was in Kona on March 17, 2007 that True Parents proclaimed the “Age of the Opening of God’s Civilization of Cosmic Peace,” which was a materialization of the spirit and words given throughout six Universal Peace Federation (literally the Cosmic Peace Federation) world tours.

The great significance of this proclamation was that it allowed True Parents to connect America to the Age of God’s Civilization centering on Kona, Hawaii and to bear fruit in Korea, the homeland of our faith. True Parents were in the position of leaving Japan and America, having completed their mission in both nations, even though neither nation had fulfilled its mission before God, as the Mother Nation and the First Son Nation, respectively. Moreover, the Pacific Rim Era is a water era. A water era is an era of women and the center of the age of women is the age of True Mother. Thus, just as new life grows and finally emerges from the amniotic fluid in a mother’s womb, the ideal of a new Cheon Il Guk will be fulfilled through the Age of God’s Pacific Rim Civilization.

It was due to this important providence that True Parents visited Hawaii and inspected the whole of the Big Island.

After completing Hoon Dok Hwe, True Parents departed at 7:50 a.m., went through the Parker Ranch (a large cattle ranch visited by tourists), had a simple lunch at Taco Bell at 11:15 a.m., went to a place famous for producing macadamia nuts, (a Hawaiian specialty) and visited the Hawaiian Kona Queen Coffee farm, one of True Parents’ projects in Kona, Hawaii.

Sun Jin Nim and In Sup Nim, who are managing the 160-acre coffee farm, reported to True Parents about the current situation and future plans for the farm. It has been difficult to reduce the deficit that has built up since the purchase of the farm, a deficit created by ruses of a coffee company that has a monopoly on buying and selling coffee from Kona coffee farmers. However, through pioneering markets in Korea, Japan and China, the situation has improved and the company is now making a profit.

True Parents left the coffee farm at 4:30 p.m. and stopped for dinner on their way back to the Queen Garden. They arrived at Queen Garden at 6:30 p.m. and concluded their day’s schedule.