29th Victory of True Love

29th Victory of True Love Cheon Bok Ceremony
Sun Myung Moon
January 24, 2012
Cheon Bok Gung Church, Seoul, Korea

There are language issues at the beginning but it is English

Unofficial Notes of telecast transcribed (by A. Culvy):

Directions are given by True Father on stage with True Mother and all stand to sing Cheon Bok Anthem.

All sit.

Hyung JN comes in and is asking Father something… Father Says
(moderator is going to lead everyone in a bow, I think, having people stand)
So, I need to start this… so The True Parents of Humankind are the Center … All the events have to start from True Parents… If you do it , then they’ll get mixed up and they’ll get confused … So, even these candles, they are… TP’s and KookJN and the person in charge need to…… So, the religious leaders need to come and stand on the stage right now. (Moderator give instruction and Mother points with some comment) (So the religious leaders come on stage as they are announced.) Father is speaking (Japane translations going on now I think and English will follow): ( Father is counting with His Fingers and making gestures. Mother is listening closely).

The Eldest Son and the Second Son of The Heaven and earth need to be put at the center. For the marriage, it needs to be after age 17. Babies cannot marry. It doesn’t matter about being a relationship being the center of a religion. The True Parents of Heaven and earth and humankind are needed in order to bring all the separated things into one. Whatever religion you are from, it doesn’t matter which religiion you are from right now. The important thing is you need to start from True Parents centering on True Parent’s Children; then, everything needs to turn around.

So, therefore, the Event that We are holding now, it is In order to create the Heaven and earth, it is the religious ceremony and a beginning ceremony, a Founding Ceremony. That’s the Ceremony that we are holding now. So, none of you here are able to take responsibility for this. So, what is this church that we are here in? The Parents are in the Position of Representing Heaven and earth and men and women. So, there is no greater beginning than that. This Event that we are in now is called the ‘True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind…’ What’s after that? What comes after that in the name of the title, the title of the Event? ‘True Father’s 93rd Birthday’. Mother’s Birthday is 23 years later; so, if we take from the 93rd Birthday and the—this can only be once—that We Attend God, The True Parents of Heaven and Earth and Humankind need to begin and from there, the religious denominations are no longer necessary.

So, the Creator will bring Adam and Eve together and Lucifer there; and, Lucifer represents humankind. This is because Lucifer, ‘Lu’ represents humankind and ‘she’ represents a seed. So, the center of the three arcangels is Lucifer. It represents the Chinese character for humankind—and, the Chinese character, it has ‘she’ means a seed; and then, you have to take a fruit from the seed. Up until now, there was no children; so, this period of time that we are here in now is ‘The Day of Victory of Love.’ So, Day of Victory of Love, up until now, you didn’t understand what the Day of Victory of Love was.

So, 28 years ago HeungJin passed away. It is because satan blocked everything; and, I had to allow him to do what he wanted to do. So, in the past, the person in charge of security was HeungJinNim. No one else took responsibility for that.
The religions and nations of this earth and the spirit world was dividied, the spirit world was divided; so, you didn’t know that, right? Do you know the spirit world? You don’t know who God Is, right? You don’t…Now people who do not know Who God Is cannot become a religious leader. You have to know God. You are the ones who have to start…, you have to take a test. You have to enter the world of The Principle. How are you going to deal with this fallen world? The amazing thing about Rev. Moon is, when I was told to be put in charge of this, I said I wouldn’t do it.

Offering bows in the Unification Church, and this Principle was…, I told people to hold this back, to hide it. This is because, if we reveal it, then, there will be denominations who fight each other. Right now there’s fights between Protestantism and Catholicism. Why should there be fights. How could Cain kill Able. He is not allowed to do that. That was a mistake; so, now, The True Parents have to come again and take responsibility and quickly deal with all these things from a young age. When I was three and four years old, I knew everything already. I knew who was in the corner already in each room. I was a …. I was really good at being in touch with the spirit world. I could talk to spirit world. I could see … I was good at seeing peoples’ fortune.

Centering on the Inter-Religious Federation, you are chosen to attend True Parents on top of a religion….So, why are you here now and bringing out your own religions but ignoring Rev. Moon? Are you saying that you don’t believe in Divine Principle? Are you treating Divine Principle as false. Are you trying to get rid of Me? You are people who are trying to get rid of Me. How could you stand in front of Me here; and, you are like enemies. I can’t appoint you as leaders. So, how can we bring harmony between enemies; and, unify enemies. You can’t do this. So, religious denominations are gathered here together; so, you need the Teachings, The Truth and the… Is the Truth first; or, is God First. Without God, you can’t have Truth. Without God Who Represents Heaven and Earth as a Parent, how can there be a Guiding Ideology to Guide Heaven and earth. Without a Father and Mother, how can you relate with God? So, up until now, you didn’t have a Father and Mother; so, there is no other way to deal with this. Without the law, you can’t deal with this kind of this thing; so, people who are in charge… 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 all the way to 28 is seven years or eight years. You have to start Principle from seven and eight in order to deal with this.

The tide comes in and out; but, is it different every year? The North pole, the North star comes at a certain time every year. It has a certain schedule that it goes by. It doesn’t come whenever it wants to. Where does it start from. You don’t know the beginning, you don’t know the process and you don’t know the destination. What is the destination? Is it God or is it what? In Buddhism or in Islam… Islam has not been able to come to the place of a person. Jesus and Confuscious and also Buddhism… In Islam they talked about turning; so, that is why it’s called ? Among these four great saints, they could not go to the place of a person. They did not know about The Heaven, earth and humankind. They did not know the Representative of Heaven, earth and humankind. You have to know the Father and you have to know the sons and daughters centering upon the Eldest Son. You have to go over the level of 13 with 12 Sons.

How are you going to …. How could Confuscianism be first, how could Buddhism be first. Who is the Christian representative here? How can a Black person be in charge of Christianity. Are you a White person or a Black person? Is the Sunlight Black. Do we say Night and Day or Day and Night. It has to be a White person. Everything is twisted around; so, it has to be put in proper order. So, the things that you say you don’t like with the Divine Principle, try to deal with the Representative of Heaven and Earth and Humankind. You can’t teach me. What are you going to teach Me. I am able to talk with the Substantial Essence of God and discuss things with God Himself; so, how can you teach things to Me. So, all this world has been trying to get rid of Me. For 28 years, they have been trying to get rid of Me; but, they couldn’t kill Me and I have ended up in the Place I Am In Now. Who is going to welcome Me in My Place That I Am In Now. Who among you religious leaders. Has Buddhism done it; or, Confusianism done it, or Christianity done it, or Islam done it. Has even a small denomination welcomed Me yet. They’ve just been trying to use Me. So, if you do that, then it will end up just going to ruin.

So, even Me here in this Responsibility, I Am In The Position Of The Messiah And The Second Coming; but, who has taught Me the Principle and The Laws. I Am The Only One Who Discovered That There Is A God As Day And A God As Night. I am the Pioneer of Discovering The Difference of A God Of Day and A God Of Night. I Am The Pioneer Who Discovered True Parents. There is no one above Me, no man or woman above Me. There are many billions of people in the spirit world; but, there is no person who can be accepted as a target Who Represents Heaven.

Why do you not marry in Buddism? Why don’t you (priests) marry in Catholacism? Are you going to deceive the family? There’s no way to… you cannot inherit Heaven and earth. When you die, you will go to hell. You cannot go to Heaven. You have to go through hell to go to Heaven. But you don’t have a place… you don’t have a way to go from hell to Heaven. You don’t have the way, you don’t have the Heavenly Way of Life that you follow in order to go there. I have established the scientific Principle and The … I am 93 years old and I have a Wife. I was Married when I was 40 years old. Before then, I was married when I was 23 or 25 years old. This Mother here… I was Married to another woman before this Woman Who Was The Mother of Sung Jin; and, I absolutely was not going to divorce her. Someone who is divorced cannot become a leader. So, why did I have the divorce. In order to set things right. You don’t know the Principle, though, right? of setting things right. If you study the Divine Principle for three days, you can know the Principle and your eyes will be opened.

In Korea, we talk about the nose, the ears… The ears come first when we talk about the ears, eyes, nose and mouth. The order is wrong. Do the eyes come first or the nose come first or the ears come first or the mouth come first… It is because the head, the ears are like protecting and they are like a fence around the head. In the universe, people are not able to understand what they hear. Are you able to hear an absolute sound? If I whisper something… (Hyung Jin Nim brings something Father is looking for more in front of Him, and Father Says:) There is the Content of what My Spirit Has Questioned And Answered. From thirteen years ago, from the first year of Cheon Il Guk, these Speeches here are talking about The Word of God’s Substantial Message, The Substantial Being of God That Was Settled Through The True Parents Of Heaven And Earth And Humankind.

So, in the Unification Church, even Unification Church believers don’t understand what this is talking about. So, when this is Proclaimed, you will all get killed off. Do you understand? So, when people understand that you were thieves that were trying to misuse Rev. Moon and you were trying to kill HIm off, then, you will get punished in the future. So, in order to get to this Course, I had to overcome seven very difficult situations and finally rise up eight different times. So, when we count this vertically, we are talking about the number three; and, we’re making this match with the number seven because three times seven is twenty one. You don’t know how to solve this. You are not able to answer the questions that I have to ask you. The only one Who Knows This Principle Is The Creator. The God of Night Doesn’t Know This. The God of Night and The God of Day were separated. Why is that? Because the Owner of Heaven and earth was kicked out. In that process Cain killed his younger brother Abel; so, he is like a terrorist and his blood was what was inherited by humankind. It’s God’s Tears.

So why is that the case? It is because they did not become Parents. So, The Parents have to grow up. For ten months after conception… did you know that once conception happens, it is possible to enter the World of the Heavenly Nation; but, you are actually blind and deaf and you have to learn. So, if you don’t like Rev. Moon, you shouldn’t come. The rest of the world is going to start getting darker. So, at the end, you are going to … The poisonous snakes will be eating people in the future. What was the beginning of the history? It was the giraffs were leading in the desert. They were eating in the desert because their necks were higher than two meters or three meters, so they were able to eat food that other animals couldn’t eat. There is no people here who are taller than two meters & sixty centemeters. You are all shorter than that. So, how did that rule happen? You were born basically into that rule. So, if you were born as a man, you need to be like a man. If you were born as a woman, should you try to act like a man or woman depending on the situation. The law is that men and women are different. If the two cannot become one, that is the problem.

So, The Absolute Being Is God; but, what can He do by Himself. What can God do by Himself. He doesn’t have (physical) eyes, or nose or ears or hands or feet. It’s the five oceans and the six continents. So, that’s why our body moves based on the five ? When we receive, we have to receive this way (Father puts His Hand face up and face down). Ministers, you have been trying to receive this way… You have been receiving like beggars. I don’t receive. I have been giving. True Love is… The beginning of True Love to Give from above; and, allow people to marry, and from three generations, there has to be the people of that lineage and there has to be a nation. But you don’t know everything.