CSG. Book 9. Chapter 3. Section 1-3 Anecdotes from the 33 Couples Blessing – 3차에 걸쳐 축복… 별별 일화가 많아

③ 3차에 걸쳐 축복… 별별 일화가 많아
1.3. Anecdotes from the 33 Couples Blessing

1961년 36가정 축복식 때 난장판이 벌어졌습니다.
In 1961, the 33 Couples Blessing Ceremony was held amid great confusion and chaos.

대문에 파수병을 세워 놓고 결혼식을 할 정도였습니다.
We finally had to have someone stand guard at the door before we could go through with the ceremony.

그러나 선생님은 누가 아무리 떠들어도 할 일은 다 했습니다.
Nevertheless, I did everything I had to, regardless of how much noise the protestors were making.

36가정 부모들이 몰려와서 별의별 소리를 다하고 야단을 쳤습니다.
The parents of the 33 Couples came swarming about the place, shouting all kinds of insults at us and creating a continuous uproar.

심지어는 선생님을 감옥에 잡아넣겠다고 법원에 몇십 장의 투서를 하여 선생님이 법원에 불려 다니기도 했습니다.
Some went so far as to send dozens of anonymous letters to the court of justice demanding I be sent to jail; as a result, I had to appear in court on several occasions.

특히 극성맞게 연탄가루를 뿌려가면서 통일교회를 없애야 된다고 하던 사람이 12명이 있었습니다.
There were twelve people in particular who worked frantically to destroy the Unification Church, sprinkling coal dust all over the place.

통일교회는 그런 자리에서 컸습니다.
The Unification Church grew amid such turmoil.

반대 받는 그 자리에서 승리의 터전을 닦아야 했던 것입니다.
We had to lay the groundwork for victory in the same place that people were opposing us.

반대를 받고 모험을 하는 자리에서 승리의 터전을 닦아 왔다는 겁니다.
We undertook the daunting task of establishing the foundation for victory amid fierce opposition from all sides. (23-317, 1969.6.8)

36가정 합동결혼식을 할 때, 신랑 신부의 어머니 아버지한테 내 이름으로 초청장을 보냈습니다.
At the time we were going to hold the Blessing for the 33 Couples, I sent out invitations in my name to the parents of the brides and grooms as follows:

‘어머니 아버지 며칠날 당신의 아들딸이 청파동교회에서 결혼을 합니다.
“Dear father, mother, on such and such a date, your son/daughter will be getting married at Cheongpa-dong church.

그러니 오는 데는 이러이러한 예복을 입고와야 참석하지, 그렇지 않으면 못 참석하오!’ 하고 척 청첩장을 냈습니다.
Please note that you can attend the ceremony only if you are dressed in holy robes of such and such a style; otherwise, you will not be welcomed.” That invitation created havoc among the parents; you can’t imagine how much noise they made over this, crying,

그랬더니 ‘세상에 그런 법이 어디 있어?
“How on earth can such a thing happen?

누가 남의 자식 결혼식 청첩장을 보내?’
Who dares to send parents invitations to the wedding of their own children?”

이렇게 뒤집어져 가지고 얼마나 요란했는지 모릅니다. 요란해 보라는 겁니다.
Well, they can make all the noise they want.

내가 이미 정해서 하는 겁니다.
Once I have decided to do something, I see it through to the end.

경찰이 동원되더라도 내가 말한 대로 그냥 그대로 하게 돼 있지, 자기들 마음대로 하게 안 돼 있습니다.
Even if they had called the police on me, in the end everything would have worked out the way I wanted it to, rather than how they wanted it. (162-321, 1987.4.17)

한국에서 36가정 결혼할 때는 자기 부모도 천사장 취급을 했습니다.
When the 33 Couples were being blessed, they had to treat their own parents as the fallen archangel.

부모에게도 전부 다 알려주지 않았다는 것입니다.
None of them informed their parents about the wedding.

할 수 없어서 그저 나중에, 일주일 전에, 뭐 예복도 해 입고와야 된다는 조건을 많이 내세워서 통고해 놓은 것입니다.
At the last minute, because there was no other choice, I sent the parents invitations about a week before the wedding and included many conditions, such as the need to wear holy robes and so on.

그러니까 욕을 하고, 남의 아들딸 데려다 누가 결혼식 하느냐며 여러 가지 물의가 있었지만 할 수 없었다는 겁니다.
Then the parents hurled insults at me, shouting that I had no right to take their children away from them and have them married. They caused a terrible scandal, but it could not be helped.

부모들이 얼마나 기분 나빴겠나 생각해 보라구요.
Think for a moment about how unpleasant that must have been for the parents.

그래서 그냥 그대로 철대문을 닫고 전부 다 못 들어오게 했습니다.
In the end, we had to close the iron gates and block them from entering at all.

그런 놀음을 해서 전부 다 분별한 것입니다.
Such were the actions we had to take in order to make the condition to separate from the fallen archangel and protect the situation. (90-124, 1976.10.21)

36가정의 간부 가운데 어떤 사람의 부모가 있는데, 그는 상당한 이름을 가진 사람으로 문선생 같은 사람은 석양에 지나가는 김삿갓만큼으로도 생각하지 않고 뭐 어떻고 어떻고 했었습니다.
Among the 36 Couples, there is a leader whose father was well-known. Being a respectable gentleman, he thought very little of me. In fact, he regarded me no more highly than any man on the street.

그 사람의 딸을 결혼시킬 때 내가 통첩을 보냈습니다.
When the time came for me to bless his daughter, I sent him a notice.

그 사람이 결혼식에 자기 딸이 결혼한다고 당당히 들어오는 것입니다.
He came to attend the wedding because he wanted to see his daughter get married and he walked up to the gate very proudly.

통일교회 결혼식에 참석하려면 예복을 입고 들어와야 된다고 했습니다.
We informed him that if he wanted to attend the Unification Church wedding, he needed to be dressed in holy robes.

자기 양복을 버젓이 입고 들어오려다가 못 들어오게 하니까 큰일났다 싶었던 겁니다.
He was dressed in his best suit and so was at a loss when we stopped him from entering the gate.

딸 결혼식이니 들어가긴 들어가야 할 텐데 들어갈 수 없는 판국이 되었으니 할 수 없이 통일교회 교인 앞에 와서 제발 예복을 빌려 달라고 해 가지고 예복을 입고 들어왔다는 것입니다.
He insisted on coming in anyway because, after all, it was his daughter’s wedding, but still he was blocked by us. In the end, he had no choice but to go to one of our members and beg him to loan his holy robes. Ultimately, he did attend his daughter’s wedding, dressed in the borrowed holy robes. (75-216, 1975.1.5)

36가정 합동결혼식 할 때에도 어머니 아버지에게 통첩할 수 있어요?
At the time of the 33 Couples Blessing, do you think the brides and grooms could easily notify their parents of the Blessing?

싫다고 하는 어머니 아버지에게, 가서 의논한다고 그 자식을 좋아하겠어요?
Would the parents have liked it if their children had discussed with them the prospect of getting married in a church they opposed?

안 그래요? 그것은 뻔한 겁니다.
Don’t you think they wouldn’t? That was a foregone conclusion.

어머니 아버지가 오면 기쁜 날 가시가 되고, 눈에 티가 되겠는데, 선생님이라는 사람은 그것을 빤히 알면서 그 어머니 아버지한테 물어보고 소개하게 돼 있어요?
If they were to come to the wedding, they would have been an eyesore on what would otherwise have been the couple’s happiest day.

통첩은 해야 되겠기에 결혼식하기 전날 몇 시간 전쯤 딱 도착하게 하는 겁니다. ‘
Knowing this, should I have notified them in order to give them the opportunity to meet their prospective son- or daughter-in-law beforehand?

당신의 아들딸이 거룩한 결혼식을 하옵나니, 왕림하시길 원합니다.’ 그렇게 통첩은 다 했다는 것입니다.
Since they had to be notified at least, we sent them invitations to arrive on the eve of the wedding, as follows: “Your son/daughter is going to be wedded in holy matrimony, so please favor us with your attendance.” (61-313, 1972.9.3)

선생님 시대에는 무슨 혁명을 했느냐 하면, 전통을 완전히 뒤집어 놓았습니다.
My revolutionary course of action completely overturned existing marriage traditions.

기독교의 전통을 완전히 뒤집어 놓았고, 대한민국의 전통을 완전히 뒤집어 놓았습니다.
It overturned the traditions of Christianity and of Korea.

왜 그러냐 하면 어머니, 아버지를 부정했습니다.
How so? It denied the fathers and mothers.

여러분 축복 받을 때 여러분 어머니 아버지한테 선생님이 의논해 가지고 축복해 줬어요? 이것은 명령입니다.
Did I ever discuss with your parents the prospect of you receiving the Blessing? No, because the Blessing is a heavenly command.

선생님이 주체입니다.
I am the subject.

36가정 때에는 어머니, 아버지를 못 오게 했습니다. 무조건 예복을 다 입고 오라고 했습니다.
At the time of the 33 Couples Blessing, we stopped parents from coming to the wedding, telling them they would be allowed to enter only if they wore holy robes.

그래 가지고 야단이 벌어졌습니다.
There was such an outcry about this.

혁명 중의 혁명입니다. 완전히 뒤집어 놓은 것입니다.
It was the revolution of revolutions. It completely overturned everything.
(213-17, 1991.1.13)

36가정 결혼할 때 1차 결혼 몇 시에 했나? 새벽에 했지?
On the occasion of the 33 Couples Blessing, wasn’t the first phase conducted at dawn?

한판 싸우면서 ‘아이고, 내 아버지 내 놔라!’, ‘내 딸 내 놔라!’ 하면서 야단했다구요.
Families of the brides and grooms were outside, struggling to get in, shouting, “Set my father free!” or “Set my daughter free!”

내 아버지 내 놔라, 하니 남의 아버지 도적질한 사람이 됐고, 내 딸 내 놔라, 하니 남의 딸 도적질한 사람이 됐습니다.
These words made me out to be a thief who had stolen somebody’s father and somebody else’s daughter. They were making me out to be a thief and shouted at me,

이래 놓고는 싸움질하면서 ‘야, 문 아무개야! 나와라! 네 놈이 나와서 우리 집안 망쳤고 우리딸 미치광이 만들어놨다!’ 하는 겁니다.
“You, Moon! Come out! You have destroyed our family and made our daughter a raving lunatic!”

결혼하게 되면 부모한테 승낙부터 받아야 할 텐데 결혼식날 부모한테 오려면 오라고 통첩장 내고 무슨 예복을 입고 오라고 하니 세상에 그런 법이 없었을 겁니다.
When wanting to get married, the proper thing to do is to get permission from the parents; yet in our case, we sent wedding invitations to the parents and told them to wear holy robes if they wanted to come.

그런 법이 없는 걸 내가 알고 있습니다.
That was unheard of.

모르고 하면 그래도 편안히 하겠지만 알고 하니 기가 막히다는 겁니다. 그렇잖아요?
I knew that. Had I not, I would have gone through with the Blessing with a heart as light as a feather, but I had to conduct it aware of all this and that was the most difficult part of it. Don’t you think so?

모르고 하면 욕을 듣고도 ‘왜 그러노?’
If not, I would have heard the insults shouted at me and wondered why.

이럴 수 있는데 욕먹을 것 뻔히 알면서 하는 것입니다.
Instead, I held the wedding, knowing that they would curse me for it.

이런 걸 다 알면서 했습니다.
I persevered with it to the end, knowing all these things.

안 해 가지고는 탕감이 안 됩니다.
Indemnity could not have otherwise been paid.

눈감고 얼렁뚱땅 해서는 안 된다는 겁니다.
I could not just close my eyes and do a haphazard job. (211-332, 1991.1.1)

36가정이 결혼식을 할 때, 하나는 밤에 하고, 하나는 낮에 하고, 하나는 새벽에 했습니다. 왜?
The 33 Couples were wedded in three phases: the first at dawn, the second during the day, and the third at night.

자기 아들딸을 내놓으라고 전부 다 반대를 했기 때문입니다.
Their parents came to say, “Let my son out! Let my daughter out!” Such was their protest.

하나님의 뜻적으로 볼 때, 거짓 부모로부터 출발을 했기 때문에 참된 부모의 입장에서도 모든 것을 코치하지 않으면 안 된다는 것입니다.
From the standpoint of God’s will, since human history started from false parents, I had to guide the proceedings as a true parent.

부모들도 반대했지만 나라도 반대했습니다.
Not only their parents, but also the government opposed us.

내가 법원에 가서 조서를 꾸미고 와서 결혼식을 했다는 것입니다.
I had to go to court and place a deposition before holding the wedding.

그러면서 해 나온 것을 누구도 모를 겁니다.
No one knows what I have been through in carrying out my work.

선생님이 설자리가 없었던 겁니다. 거기에서 모험을 해 나온 겁니다.
There was not even a tiny spot for me to stand on. There, I was risking everything. (91-259, 1977.2.23)

선생님이 재미있는 얘기 하나 할까요?
Do you want me to tell you an interesting story?

우리 한국에서 36가정이 합동결혼식을 할 때, 그 사위도 지금 이 자리에 있지만, 어떤 사람이 찾아왔습니다.
When I was holding the 33 Couples Blessing in Korea, a man came to see me. His son-in-law is here with us today, by the way.

자기의 두 딸이 모두 통일교회에 걸려들었다는 겁니다.
The man claimed that both his daughters had been hoodwinked into becoming Unification Church members.

자기는 어느 학교 교장 선생인데 좋은 사윗감으로 어떠 어떠한 선생들을 골라 놓았다고 절대 합동결혼식을 시킬 수 없다는 거예요.
He was a school principal and had already chosen two teachers specifically as his future sons-in-law, and so did not want to allow his daughters to participate in the Blessing.

그러나 선생님은 ‘반대를 하려면 하라. 당신네 딸들은 내가 시집을 보내 주마!’ 했습니다.
However, all I told him was, “If you want to oppose, go ahead. Both your daughters, however, will be blessed by me!” (22-261, 1969.5.4)

36가정을 택할 때 그 부모들한테 선생님이 의논했나요?
When I was choosing the 36 Couples for the Blessing, do you think I discussed the issue with their parents?

남의 자식들을 데려다가 의논도 않고, 청첩장도 내지 않고, 전부 선생님 마음대로 결혼을 시켰으니, 욕뿐만 아니라 몽둥이 찜질까지 당하게 되어 있었습니다.
I brought together other people’s children and married them at my own discretion, without discussing it with the parents at all. No doubt the parents would have not only cursed me, but beaten me with sticks if they had had the chance.

옛날 이스라엘 민족 같았으면 옷을 찢기고 칼을 맞아 죽었을 것입니다.
Had we been Israelites of old, I would have had my clothes torn off and been stabbed to death.

그러나 그것을 다 어떻게 하는지 모르게, 깜짝하는 사이에 후다닥 해치웠던 것입니다.
Nevertheless, I accomplished it all in the blink of an eye, before the parents had the faintest idea of what was going on.

사탄의 자식들을 전부 끌어다가 하나님의 자식으로 만들어 결혼을 시켰습니다.
I brought together Satan’s children, made them into God’s children, and married them.

하늘의 우주적인 운세를 가지고 복귀노정을 완결하는데 누구한테 의논해야 합니까?
In my work of completing the course of restoration, amid the heavenly fortune of the cosmos, whom should I discuss such matters with?

축복해 주는데 누구한테 의논해서 합니까?
In carrying out the Blessing, whom could I possibly have consulted?

선생님 마음대로 하는 것입니다.
Everything had to be carried out at my own discretion.

36가정은 무엇이냐 하면 조상들입니다.
The 36 Couples are the ancestors.

조상이 되는 사랑을 이루는데 육신의 아버지 어머니한테 의논할 수 있습니까?
In fulfilling the love through which they could become ancestors, should they have consulted their physical parents?

하나님께 의논해야 하는 것입니다.
This was a matter to be discussed with God. (18-207, 1967.6.8)

36가정 축복도 깜깜한 밤중에 해야 했기 때문에 문을 닫고 성혼식을 했습니다.
The 33 Couples Blessing had to be conducted in the dark of night, behind locked doors.

그때 ‘내 아들 내 놓아라, 내 남편 내 놓아라, 남의 아들딸 데려다가 무엇 하느냐?’
등 별의별 소리를 다 들었습니다.
During the ceremony, we heard all kinds of shouts like, “Let my son go! Let my husband go!

자기 자식 시집 장가 보내는 것은 부모 마음인데 통일교회의 선생님이 단독적으로 보낸다고 하니 아우성입니다.
What do you think you are doing with other people’s children?” People were outraged because traditionally they arrange their children’s marriages; yet here was the founder of the Unification Church marrying them off on his own.

바로 사탄세계의 아버지 어머니이기 때문입니다.
The families protested so vehemently because they were fathers and mothers from the satanic world.

하나님의 아들딸을 사탄이 빼앗아 갔기 때문에 선생님이 다시 빼앗아 탕감복귀하는 것입니다.
Since God’s children were snatched away by Satan, I snatched them back from his clutches and restored them through indemnity.

역사적으로 잃어버린 아들딸을 다시 찾아 탕감복귀하기 위해서였습니다.
Through the Blessing, I had to regain the sons and daughters lost throughout history, restoring them through indemnity.

그래서 식을 빨리 마쳤던 것입니다.
Hence, I concluded the ceremony hurriedly.

탕감복귀역사이니 어쩔 수 없었습니다.
I had no choice, as I was trying to accomplish restoration through indemnity. (19-120, 1967.12.31)