Vision of Building on the Rock

Basically it is in the program tonight. We start this way and evolve going forward using the collective wisdom of all. As we learn to dialogue towards authentic relationships true community will emerge.

The Foundation:

  • Honoring those from the past that “stood in the gap” and paved the road.

The Present:

  • Critique ourselves with honesty and love.
  • Find our passion for the rest of our lives and live, breathe and strive for that desire.
  • Kindle our dreams into fires.
  • Work hard to improve ourselves, to nurture those values and truths that still beat deep in our hearts. They are sleeping giants and can be awakened.

To become truly free we have to live inside the Principle, we have to continue taking responsibility and most importantly monitor the results.

Good actions will precede good and rewarding results. Accomplishments will fuel the fire and we will succeed.

The battle ground is between our ears. Let’s paint the picture together, create a tapestry, a quilt, a plan and engrave it on the rock that we already own. The scale has been tipped we are inevitable and invincible and strong. We just arrived at the crest of the hill, look into the valley of our hearts and believe.

Chicago, February 26, 2014

January 29, 2014 – First Building on the Rock Meeting

February 26, 2014 – The Second Building on the Rock Meeting

February 26, 2014 – Second Building on the Rock Meeting – Video Presentation

March 19, 2014 – Third Building on the Rock Presentation

March 19, 2014 – Third Building on the Rock Meeting

March 2014 – Dr. Mose Durst’s Address at an interfaith event

March 23, 2014 –  Immanuel Rinkema’s Sermon in Chicago

March 30, 2014 –  Chris Ogden’s Sunday Sermon

April 13, 2014 –  “Today is the Day” by Kevin Thompson

June 24, 2014 – Fourth Building on the Rock Meeting

True Father’s Prayer

Please Allow Us To Become The Children You Hoped For

We are binding together and offering before you our hearts and minds which long for and adore your precious and mighty internal character. Since we are reflecting on the past and critiquing the present and longing for our true selves of tomorrow, please grant us evidence that we are your sons and your daughters.

Please let us become the kinds of sons you have been hoping and longing for, the kinds of sons you have been looking for. We represent the entire value of the universe, and are the people who represent the central value; who therefore, you are able to long for. Accordingly, please allow us to become true children who can be called your sons and your daughters through your very mouth and through all your emotions and sensations. We are hoping that through our inadequate selves, you can feel that we are such sons and daughters.

Oh Father who loves us from a dim distance, and who has worked in order to develop a foundation for our lives, we are so grateful for your having endured and gone through the long ages with the hope of a day for when you can meet true sons and daughters. Because our minds have their origin in you alone, at this time also we are longing to be true sons and true daughters who are able to have value in relation to the world you are hoping for, and according to the place where your mind is going. We have come here wanting to become sons and daughters who are called into the presence of our holy, merciful and majestic Father. Please let us become your sons and become your daughters who are filled with strong determination about the hope of tomorrow and the mission of tomorrow. We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents.


December 13, 1970

From Prayers: A Lifetime of Conversation With Our Heavenly Father

From True Parents’ Life Course

At sixteen, I had a mysterious experience. In the morning of Easter, after I made a long tearful prayer, Jesus Christ appeared to me and gave me many revelations and teachings. He told me much about deep and amazing things. He said that God is grieved because of the suffering humanity.

And he asked me to undertake a special role on earth for the sake of God’s work. In short, the spiritual world suddenly opened up before me and I could freely communicate with the saints there.

In the quietude of a deep North Korean mountain, I talked with Jesus Christ several times. The truth revealed at that time forms the core of the Unification Principle. That was the beginning of the revela­tion.

Ever since that special meeting, I have been conversing with the saints of the spiritual world including the living God and Jesus. Little by little, God taught me the amazing truth. It was as if the morning sun was rising after a long and dark night. In this truth, I could see the dawn of the glorious new culture. This special revelation, based on the New Testament, has the power to bring all the religions together. Today this revelation is called the Divine Principle, and I have received an order from God to spread the Divine Principle to the ends of the earth.

The main branches of the Divine Principle are the Principle of Creation, Human Fall, and Restoration (salvation) and Second Advent. Now, we introduce a one-hour manual, which presents just the core contents of the Principle. But there are other versions of the manual that organize more detailed contents.

PDFs of Lectures

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